David Schram Photography

Self Portrait


Curious Ladies

Mary Kay

Cousin Jeff

Perfect Effects 9

The Hunter

Captured the happiness of my best friend doing what he knows best. Note the color over monochrome.

Self Portrait

Cousin Jeff

Filtered in Perfect Effects 9

Cousin Jeff

Self Portrait

The Quilter

My Mary doing what she does best.

My Bride

My Mary at the top of her game...

Snowy morning with best friend

My best friend walking his best friend on a snowy morning in Eastern Washington.

Savannah Street Performer

Shot in downtown Savannah Georgia by the river late one afternoon. Offered him a buck for the shot.

Beale Street Blues

Memphis - The home of the blues...

Aunt Mary's Hat

First Prize

At the Rodeo

We're in trouble now -

Lucky Shot

Son taking his new colt out for a spin.

The Youngest Gunslinger

1840 Town in South Dakota


Maori Warrier - New Zealand

Breaking Bad

Focused Lighting: Set up two speedlites; one facing me with an umbrella and one with a snoot pointed at the pool balls.

Picken the Cherries

Monochrome with single color.

Wednesday's Child

Grain for dark mood