David Schram Photography

Curious Ladies

Happy Together

Pier and Moon

Hot Martini

Not an original idea but a lot of fun to replicate. Red gel aimed on white background. Lighter fluid for real fire.

Limoncello Blast

People will wonder why all the booze photographs as of late. Just love different lighting I guess...


Bounced Lighting: Lit by bouncing off the white background.

Focus Stacked Glass

A 14 slice group used to demonstrate focus stacking. Murano Glass piece from Italy.


Mount Hood, Oregon

Maine Lighthouse

Alaska Ferry Sunset

Taken from the stern of the Alaska Ferry

Chicken Focus Stacked

A 12 slice group used to demonstrate focus stacking. Murano Glass piece from Italy.

Breaking Bad

Focused Lighting: Set up two speedlites; one facing me with an umbrella and one with a snoot pointed at the pool balls.

Clear night over Twisp Washington

Great night for some star shots...

Old and New

Key West Sailboat

While taking a boat tour of Key West Florida.

Winter on the Ranch

Rural Eastern Washington

Winter on the Ranch

Seattle Ferris Wheel

Savannah Street


Winter Barn

Apartment Life

Focus Stacking - Shotguns






Up the Lighthouse

Natchitoches LA. Basilica

THE MINOR BASILICA OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. Just a magnificent Church in Louisiana.

Cathedral in New Zealand

Church in Dunedin New Zealand

Beautiful church in the Robert Burns plaza.

The Youngest Gunslinger

1840 Town in South Dakota

Jelly Beans




Vintage Train





Jelly Beans


My Heritage

2016 Heritage Softail. Some dreams do come true...

Windmill in the tulips

Skagit County in Washington State. The month of April is when all the tulips bloom. Beautiful time of year there...

Victoria Beacon

Beacon on the clock tower.

Baby Sister's Piano

Extreme shallow depth of field: Shot with a 50 f/1.4 prime wide open.

Holding on tight -

Very fast shutter speed

My Guitar -

Extremely Shallow Depth of Field

Meeker Mansion

Architecture: The Ezra Meeker mansion in Puyallup Washington.

Gotta work on my landing -

Winthrop WA. Rodeo 2012 Notice his hat hasn't even touched the ground yet...

Dear Santa

Standing Guard

Christmas 2013

Christmas Pie


Metered on the background so the blackbird remained in silhouette.


Your Jelly Beans Sir -

Added stars: The low brow jelly bean served in a silver chafing dish - Wonderful juxtaposition...

The Bridges of Madison County

Made famous by the movie "The Bridges of Madison County". Shot in Iowa.

My Guitar -





Studio lighting with jet black background: Collection of very old cameras and equipment.

Lady Liberty

My favorite photograph of this wonderful national icon -


Statue of Liberty

Walkway to Hotel

Leading lines: Tube to walk to our hotel room in New Zealand.

Victoria Parliament Building at twilight.

Victoria Parliament Building at twilight.